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Glacial water: A dynamic microbial medium

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Author(s): Gilda Varliero, Pedro H. Lebre, Beat Frey, Andrew G. Fountain, Alexandre M. Anesio, Don A. Cowan

Document Type:
Publisher: Microorganisms
Published Year: 2023
Volume: 11
Number: 5
Pages: 24
DOI Identifier: 10.3390/microorganisms11051153
ISBN Identifier:
Keywords: glacial microorganisms glacier meltwater proglacial environment water residence time

Microbial communities and nutrient dynamics in glaciers and ice sheets continuously change as the hydrological conditions within and on the ice change. Glaciers and ice sheets can be considered bioreactors as microbiomes transform nutrients that enter these icy systems and alter the meltwater chemistry. Global warming is increasing meltwater discharge, affecting nutrient and cell export, and altering proglacial systems. In this review, we integrate the current understanding of glacial hydrology, microbial activity, and nutrient and carbon dynamics to highlight their interdependence and variability on daily and seasonal time scales, as well as their impact on proglacial environments.

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Varliero and others (2023) or (Varliero et al., 2023)

References Citation:
Varliero, G., P.H. Lebre, B. Frey, A.G. Fountain, A.M. Anesio, and D.A. Cowan, 2023, Glacial water: A dynamic microbial medium: Microorganisms, Vol. 11, No. 5, 24 p., doi: 10.3390/microorganisms11051153 .