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Mount Rainier: Northwest Geological Society field trip 2000

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Author(s): Patrick T. Pringle, Kevin M. Scott, Carolyn L. Driedger, James W. Vallance, David G. Frank, Richard Schroedel

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Publisher: Northwest Geological Society
Published Year: 2000
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This trip circumnavigates Mount Rainier via the Duwamish, Puyallup, Nisqually, Cowlitz, and White River drainages. Along the way we examine a wide variety of geologic features, deposits, and geologic hazards. Because of its hazards and increasing population pressures in the region, Mount Rainier was designated a Decade Volcano by the International Association of Volcanology and Chemistry of the Earth's Interior in 1992. Within two years of the Decade Volcano workshop, the National Research Foundation published its report outlining a strategy for study of Mount Rainier. In keeping with this designation, researchers have made considerable progress since then in examining the history, behavior, structure, and hazards of the volcano with a main goal of mitigating risk. At the same time, a group called the Mount Rainier Volcanic Hazards Work Group (MORAWOG), composed of Federal, state, and local officials and members of the public, has met quarterly to educate themselves and others about the volcano and to prepare for future volcanic unrest. Within the past year the group completed a working draft of a Mount Rainier Response Plan.

This field trip provides an overview of what we presently know about Mount Rainier's geologic and glacial history. During the trip, we also will hear about recent research at the volcano and will inspect the geologic evidence for debris flows, the most important class of geologic hazards at Mount Rainier.

This text is a compilation of the work of numerous researchers, many of whom are continuing their work at Mount Rainier. We also have relied heavily on the work of Crandell, Mullineaux,Fiske, Hopson, Waters, and others whose earlier efforts have provided an important foundation for further studies.

All units are metric except road-log mileage. A note about National Park Service (NFS) etiquette: please do not do any digging within the boundaries of Mount Rainier National Park. Permits, which can be obtained from the Park Superintendent, are required for sample collecting.

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